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The Bampton Group is led by US expansion experts whose  primary goal is to protect and grow your investment.

Some of our core team includes:

Jeremy Woan

Jeremy is chair of The Bampton Group and brings to our clients 20 years of experience in successfully growing companies in the US and Europe.   A recognized expert in managing investment in and growing technology companies, he has helped build and take public two companies and is cofounder of several others.

For The Bampton Group clients, Jeremy has helped structure funding, including investments in companies that have since gone public.  He defines business development, and product and marketing strategies in a range of industries, serving those companies as advisor, board member or officer.

Previously, Jeremy was chairman and CEO of Clinical Computing, which, under his leadership, grew to become the leading supplier of renal dialysis information systems. The company captured market share of more than 40% in North America, with client or strategic partner relationships with major companies in its field.  In addition to directing the company's product and brand development strategies and creating direct and indirect sales channels, Jeremy assembled institutional investors and positioned the company for successful IPO and secondary offerings.

Before Clinical Computing, Jeremy was Deputy CEO of Tadpole Technology, the producer of RISC notebooks, high-performance board level systems and enterprise  solutions.  At Tadpole, he helped negotiate and structure a strategic partnership with, and investment from, IBM and formulated a strategic plan around the Sparcbook product line.  Jeremy led and managed a highly successful IPO and created a strong investor profile for the company.

He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Cambridge. 

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Michael Bernard

Michael is a managing director for The Bampton Group and CEO of Bampton Corporation.  He brings to our clients more than 20 years experience in international sales and business management, and specializes in advising British and other European firms on establishing channels to market in North America.

During his career, he has founded several highly successful companies, developed distribution channels in more than 40 countries, created a new product category, and dramatically increased revenues at a series of communications, software and hardware firms.  Prior to joining The Bampton Group, Michael founded Mindmap LLC, the US operations for a German-based developer of visual application development software, serving as its president until its sale to a European venture capital group.  During that period, he also served as a director of a Nasdaq-listed notebook computing business.

In 1985, Michael co-founded a modem business, Touchbase Systems, for which he directed marketing, sales and international distribution until the company  merged with US Robotics.  Following the sale, he became Vice President of International Sales and Marketing for portable products for US Robotics.

Michael has traveled and worked extensively in Europe.  He holds an undergraduate degree from the California State University and has undertaken additional studies at the University of California at Davis.

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Jeff Kendall

Jeff is a managing director for The Bampton Group. He brings considerable experience in leading finance, operations, business development and marketing functions for successful international companies.

Prior to joining The Bampton Group, Jeff was the interim CFO of ELMIC Systems USA, the US subsidiary of ELMIC Systems of Japan.  There, he established the formal US entity, completed the acquisition of a US embedded systems software firm, and was critical in integrating the two companies.

Jeff worked with the executive team at CyberGold in developing and growing a separate business entity prior to their sale to MyPoints. He has also served as interim CFO, consulted, and been an advisor to the Boards of several emerging growth high technology companies.

Before his service as an advisor, Jeff was CFO of OASYS Networks, an application service provider for the financial services industry.  He joined the firm while it was primarily a network integration and professional engineering shop and was part of the management team to transform it into a much more scalable enterprise.  Jeff led the financial and human management of the company, while contributing to private equity fundraising and strategic planning.  OASYS Networks acquired a professional engineering and web development firm that Jeff co-founded in 1996.

Jeff developed his finance and business development skills while working for Coca-Cola as a regional business development manager and business analyst.  He was responsible for local market execution of national marketing campaigns, the education channel, and sales volume through thousands of on-premise outlets.

Jeff has an undergraduate degree from San Diego State University and a graduate degree in business administration from Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California.

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